Supply Chain Mgt. Career and Job Search Workshop at Robertson College, Winnipeg

I had an opportunity to present the Job Search Workshop to students of  the Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Robertson College on October 30, 2017. It was a great privilege to engage with future supply chain managers in many areas that were explored during the Supply Chain Mgt. Careers & Job Search sessions at the Winnipeg Campus of Robertson College.

At Cerial Projects Services Inc., one of our value proposition is industry knowledge, to this end we started the SupplyJobs Academy to focus on empowering job applicants through industry skills training and job-search workshops that will enhance applicants prospects and contribute towards industry efforts in building the talent pool in supply chain and project management locally and across Canada, this goal aligns with Robertson College’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management program and the college was interested in our workshop as a great help in boosting student’s industry knowledge and providing them with guidance for future job-search efforts.

Supply Jobs Workshop is open to the public via the SupplyJobs Academy and we’re able to facilitate the workshop for other institutions running programs in Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Project Management.

The information is timely considering the ongoing transformation of supply chain management and procurement in the industry, empowering students with current industry knowledge and skill-sets that are requisite for career success is a game changer in career-focused education such as the programs offered at Robertson College and we are glad to have the opportunity to present these workshops to their students.

We engaged student with live audience feedback tool to make the workshop interactive, amongst the feedback received pertains to the choice of career path desired by students after graduation and the transferable skills from their previous working experience, the students reviewed a job posting in advance and were able to identify transferable skills that are requirements in a recent supply chain coordinator job posting.

There was a question and answer segment where the facilitator was able to respond to the most liked questions, the students had a great number of questions that concerns the trending issues in technology disruption, tools and methodologies, contingency , sales and marketing integration etc.

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Supply Chain Mgt.  & Procurement Career Overview Objectives

Supply Chain Management is very broad and spans a number of industry activities such as commerce, transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, marketing & sales etc, you probably work in a supply chain already since it is the process through which every organization create value for their customers by the conversion of raw materials and services to an end product or services for customers. If you are not working in the supply chain profession but would like to know more about working in the profession, I wrote this article on the 5 reasons to consider a career in supply chain management and procurement.This workshop is the first module of an introductory course in supply chain management and procurement, the instructor will introduce the concept of supply chain management using Tim-Hortons , Amazon world class supply chain and the Target-Canada fail as case studies.

We will explore supply chain management activities, concepts, and how organizations are using the supply chain management functions to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The facilitator will explore key supply chain processes, emerging functions in supply chain management and how this functions are used by Amazon in becoming the dominant player in the e-commerce and retail marketplace.

We are going to explore career options in supply chain management and procurement, the critical skill-sets required to perform in these roles.

Finally, we would explore the possible career path for participants and the career development activities required to progress in a supply chain profession.

 Supply Jobs-Search Workshop Objectives

The Job-Search Workshop is developed to assist those seeking supply chain job opportunities or perhaps those with prior supply chain experience looking to break into the Canadian supply chain job marketplace.

We will discuss the challenges, barriers to gainful employment in supply chain management.

The instructor will introduce a novel job search framework that explains different job applicants approaches , attributes and effectiveness.

The instructor will provide action plans for participants to address deficiencies.

Finally , the instructor will review resources available to help job-seekers in achieving success in future job opportunities.

After this workshop, we would have strengthened the supply chain knowledge and equipped you with tools and strategies to help improve in your job search efforts.

About the Workshop Facilitator – Abiodun Oke , B.Eng, SCMP, PMP

Abiodun Oke is a Supply Chain Management Consultant , Instructor, Career Coach and the Founder of Cerial Projects Services, a startup in supply chain  &  project management training, consulting and business process outsourcing.

Abiodun Oke has developed procurement policies and sourcing strategies for the public sector of Canada in various capacities , prior to his immigration to Canada, he executed several sourcing projects for oil and gas services deployed on multi-million dollar projects  in Nigeria.

Abiodun Oke is a very passionate career coach , he mentors professionals in Canada and across several countries for successful job search and career development in supply chain and project management.

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