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Myths, Barriers, Perceptions & Managing Expectations in the Canadian Job Marketplace

Looking for a job in the Canadian Marketplace is no small fit, there are different experiences and encounters starting with the recruiters and head-hunters lack of transparency to disappointment  by human resource evasive tactics , LinkedIn and other social network is full of such stories and fate that awaits anyone who happens to find themselves searching for a new job or worse those with no job at hand, the frustration that awaits them could make the most enthusiastic job-hunter quit within a month.

It seems to me the search is even more daunting for new immigrants for obvious reasons, I personally walked in the shoes of job seekers who happen to land in Canada with much expectations on different levels in terms of experience, education and professional qualifications, but alas there are barriers that awaits regardless of your impeccable experience and education,  and there are employer’s perceptions that appears to be stacked against any international professional job-searching in the Canadian marketplace.

Beyond the issues of barriers and perceptions of employers which I suppose are risks that any job seeker assumed intentionally or otherwise before the purchase of  a flight ticket to Canada , there are some expectations that can be managed on the part of the job seekers and you need some important information on strategies and critical success factors that a jobseeker must be aware of as they endure the adventurous job-search journey in Canada.

I will be providing some tips in my Supply Chain Career Overview Workshop to help job seekers achieve their goals of a gainful employment in their chosen profession within an acceptable timeframe of 6-12 months, any job search extended beyond this period should be considered an unacceptable outcome regardless of the barriers and unfavourable perceptions of a newcomer in the Canadian job marketplace.

We’re also going to review some resources that I have created to assist job seekers searching for supply chain or project management  jobs and other third-party resources for interview preparations, job applications and generally on how to be successful in the job of  job-search in the Canadian marketplace.

What are you still waiting for? it’s time to enroll for the free Supply Chain Career Overview scheduled to take place in Winnipeg  at the cosy Launch Coworking Place on Saturday, September 16.


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